An Academically Rigorous School

Full of love, kindness, safety, and support!

Whether your child is on grade level, behind, ahead, or somewhere inbetween, our staff will meet each student where they are and help guide their path to get them the quality education that each South Carolinian deserves. Just passing "the test" is not our school's plan. Our mission is to Develop the Next Generation of American Citizens with the best education in the UpState. Any other goal is simply not set high enough.
A Full, Well-Rounded Education and Remembering

Kids are Kids!

Our students will have PE EVERYDAY with a PE Teacher. Young and old need to move and exercise their body daily. Kids need to move and have fun! Exposure to the Arts is also a vital part of any full education. We will have Music and Art Teachers on our staff and each student will have Music or Art everyday. A Good example is: if there are 20 schools days in a month each student will have 10 full classes of Music and 10 full classes of Art.
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Cherokee Charter Academy is authorized by the Charter Institute at Erskine College, a statewide charter school authorizer. For more information about the Institute, visit