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4th Grade

How CCA Measures Up in ELA and Math.

Cherokee Charter Academy Data Comparison 2021

Our students are not only meeting or exceeding standards in ELA and Math, they are outperforming schools in the surrounding area.

3rd Grade Math

3rd Grade ELA

Tuition-Free, High Quality, Public Education

Not all public schools are the same. And not all students are the same. At Cherokee Charter Academy, we meet the students where they are. We have smaller class sizes and more one on one time with teachers. We prepare students for life, not just how to pass through but how to succeed.


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Safety is Our Priority

At Cherokee Charter Academy, student safety is our priority. We believe our school uniforms keep our students safe by reducing bullying, eliminating distractions, and keeping students focused on what matters in school the most, which is learning and growing as an individual. Our pledge is to educate our students in a safe and positive learning environment.

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